I’m sexy and I Grow It

I’m sexy and I Grow It

Beard has persisted through the history of mankind. Be it the divine hero Hercules or the classic philosopher Aristotle, from royals to soldiers to bandits, beards have prevailed as an indelible part of masculinity. In a country like India, it is considered as a status symbol in many communities. After the infamous pilot, Abhinandan Varthaman became an eye candy, his beard became the talk of the town. Soon the streets got filled with a plethora of youths imitating his mutton-chopped beard. They undoubtedly adds on to the aesthetics. But, one which suits your face well is mostly just a fantasy. Whether you want to flaunt the ‘tough guy’ look or a ‘chocolate boy’, this beard style guide has got you covered.

Wild and Natural
Let it grow! This style is not only for the lazy lads who hates to shave but also for men who wish to enhance their face shape by exaggerating the jawline. Trimming the ends should always be considered to get a bushy look. Also, to keep it healthy, use beard oil.

Stubble Style
Most popular and hottest types of facial hair for men, this style requires a little maintenance. Grow it naturally for a period of time (ideally 3 days) and groom it with a trimmer.

This symmetrical style beard is a 70s trend gaining popularity nowadays. To achieve this, let the beard grow for a few weeks. Shave your chin consistently to get that edge. Moustache is optional in this style. For enhancing the look, brush the beard regularly. It will provide an alignment.

Clean Bolt
Go clean with just a moustache. It will emphasize your face and give a bold look. There are a lot of different moustaches out there. The best thing is that it goes with every face shape. You just need to trip it occasionally.

Story By: Anshika Seth, Intern at FHM India Magazine

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