Sk-intelligent Care

Sk-intelligent Care

Fall is finally here, and like each year, it seems that the temperature will be breaking all records. It is just not the ladies who need to take care of their skin, men too should follow suit because chapped lips and dry skin is not manly, but rather careless, messy and sometimes painful. To ensure skin health it is essential to follow some of these tips. 

Something that is often forgotten, drinking plenty of water during winters is as important as it is in the summer. Water is a key component that supports various physical functions. You will benefit from being hydrated, not just in terms of your skin, but other bodily functions as well.

Watch your soaps
Taking long, frequent baths with hot water is relaxing, but it is harmful to your skin. This may lead to dry and irritable skin. Soap only exacerbates the situation by stripping natural oils from perfectly healthy skin, dehydrating and irritating it even further. It is better to use soaps that are pH balanced, and have a syndet base. 

In winters, it is imperative to ensure that the skin is properly hydrated. Most experts recommend moisturising one’s skin at least twice a day. Men with excessively dry skin may use coconut oil or petroleum jelly. Others may go for a crème moisturizer. For the torso and limbs, olive oil and body butter work wonder as well.

An exfoliating treatment will clear dead cells and keep your skin healthy in winter. Exfoliating products should be used carefully during winters. A visit to a good skin clinic can also be planned for a gentle chemical peel to carefully exfoliate your skin.

Lip care
Dry Lips are a frequent cause of concern in winter. A good lip balm with an SPF should be used to prevent chapped lips. 

If you enjoy the clean-shaven look, shave during or immediately after a hot shower, as the pores on the skin open and hair are softer and easier to shave off without irritating the underlying skin. 

Use a sunscreen 
Protection from the sun is essential, even during winters. We tend to spend more time outdoors, especially when it is sunny. It becomes important to use a good sunscreen. Try using a sunscreen rated at SPF 30 or higher. Not only does protecting your skin with the right SPF prevent certain illnesses, but it slows down the signs of ageing as well.

Pay attention to your hands
Your hands are often exposed to the brutally cold weather. A hand detailing service can protect your hands from cold weather as well as help soften callused or abraded skin. Gloves or mittens can also be worn to protect the hands. Hand lotion or moisturiser can be used for added protection. 

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