Slide That Away

Slide That Away

For years your girlfriend has been helping herself to your wardrobe, discreetly squirrelling away your jumpers to keep herself warm in winters or relentlessly wearing your shirts to laze around. You might not have acknowledged it previously, but a quick fix to some of your most irritating skin and haircare dilemmas are sitting right on your darling’s dressing table. Now, it’s time to redeem yourself. Indeed, the packaging might be a little fancy for a man to use, and the variety of lotions and potions must be daunting too, but you are not a man who’s apprehensive about a challenge. Are you?


A nice, gentle exfoliator is a must have for hydrated skin, and nobody knows it better than your significant other. In case if you don’t trust us, don’t hesitate to ask her. Other than purifying your skin and expelling dirt from the pores, such products dispose off dead skin cells that have been heaping up all over your face for quite a long time. This will give your face a bright and fresh look. If you are up for it, take that facial scrub right now.


If you wonder how your girlfriend’s skin is always so soft and supple, we can tell you that her secret lies in her moisturiser. There are several moisturisers in the market that cater to all skin types, and if your belle is using such a product then you are a lucky guy. Try hers on your skin type, but if it does not work for you then chances are that you have to buy one. You can also opt for a product that reduces post-shave burns and protects from the sun.


Ever thought about your girl’s practice of applying a chapstick time and again? Why not you? Rescue your chapped lips and make them kiss ready by using a lip balm. They are not only enriched with good stuff, such as coconut oil or fruit extracts, but these little candies are also an ideal gift for those dry lips. You can either go for a lip exfoliator that removes dead, dry skin and roughness which your girlfriend hates.


Nobody likes pimples, including men. But, you will probably like them even less when it’s time to meet your special date and you have stumbled on a raging red spot on your face. Worry not, her concealer is there to cover the zit. Don’t just blindly grab her product, make sure that it’s colour matches your skin tone. Just dab a small amount onto the problem area and you are flawlessly good to go for an impromptu date night.\


Partied hard, and have to head out for work? That serum in a small bottle is one of the miracle remedies for your puffy, after party eyes. Look for one that contains caffeine. Just like your morning brew, a serum that contains caffeine will instantly pep up your tired face. To lock in the goodness, squeeze a few drops of the serum onto your fingertips, rub them together and then massage over your face before applying the moisturiser.


Ever seen your lady-love walking around the house like a masked intruder? If yes, don’t get scared. She is not a sneak thief, but you can definitely become one by robbing off her face mask to get a healthy and youthful look. Perfect for skin hydration, it removes the excess oil and dirt from your face. If you get successfully convinced by the miracles of face masks, then you can join her on a Sunday-night-sheet-mask session and unwind.

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