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For Men Have Acne Issues Too

Men are believed to have uncomplicated skin regimens, however, acne is an enemy that doesn’t spare anyone. Defying the confines of age and gender, acne breakouts can occur to anybody at any time, especially the night before a date with that special someone. Be it the clogging of skin pores, or an unhealthy diet, there are countless reasons for getting those ugly looking pimples. To get to the root cause, it is necessary to identify your skin type. Furthermore, there are distinct ways in which acne manifests on your skin. It may be in the form of a pimple or a blackhead, you need to delve deeper to get to the crux. Though acne appears similarly in different individuals, its treatment varies profusely. The reason being that every skin type is unique, and every man has a different medical history.
With the seasonal drift, our skin starts showing the first signs of change. As the festive season is in full swing, it is crucial to achieve that ideal flawless look. The good news is that we have got you covered. Use the knowledge provided here to pave your path to an acne-free spotless glow.

Dry Skin

Acne is often associated with oily skin. Acne proliferates when the skin produces a large amount of sebum (oil), which clogs the skin pores leading to acne breakout. But the scenario is entirely different for people with dry skin. Dryness leads to an accumulation of dead and flaky skin debris, which traps oil in pores and triggers acne growth. While the market is brimming with products which focus on oily skin, most never address harsh skin. Our advise is to engage in a regular exfoliating regimen. Opt for a medicated or natural cleanser, and get yourself a quality moisturiser which is oil-free.

Oily Skin

While the obvious reason for an acne breakout in people with oily skin is the oil trapped in the pores. However, there are plenty of other factors that contribute to a face with acne blemishes. Did you know that in hopes of preventing that incessant discharge of oil from your face, you can overdo exfoliation? Regular cleansing rinses out the dead cells, and gives you a healthy and rejuvenated skin. Indulge in buying grease-free face wipes, which can efficiently prevent oil accumulation. Ideal for people with tight schedules, these cleansing tissues are a quick way to blot out the extra oil. Their portability makes it easy to fit them in a desk drawer or gym bag. 

Normal Skin
With a good balance of oil and moisture, this is a combination of the above two skin types. People that fall in this category are less prone to experiencing acne. However, skin blemishes are inevitable, and acne can also be triggered due to weather changes. A balanced diet, adequate hydration and a proper skincare regimen can control their growth to a great extent. The best part is that you can experiment with different products, as the pores are not regularly exposed to oil and dust that can seep through. Make sure you avoid chemically treated products and over-exfoliating your skin. 

Combination Skin 
A super common category, combination skin type is a blend of oily and dry skin that exist together. Often mistaken with normal skin, in this skin type, the T-zone of the face, comprising of the forehead, nose and chin tends to produce relatively more oil than the cheeks and facial periphery. Those who fall in this category have more open pores and shiny skin texture. Also, blackheads tend to occur more often to such individuals. Dual skin type needs a dual action. Focus on spot treatment by using cleansers which are gentle on your skin. Moisturise when necessary and blot away areas which tend to release more oil.   


GARLIC: Equipped with anti-microbial properties, garlic is ideal for eliminating the bacteria which contributeS To dandruff And can lead to acne breakouts.

LEMON: Lemon helps balance the pH levels of your skin, which, in turn, prevents pimples and encourages healthy skin. 

BERRIES: Anti-oxidants and Vitamin C present in berries act as a combo attack against pesky dark spots, These stop them from even forming in the first place.

PAPAYA: This wonder fruit helps in exfoliating the skin. It also fades acne scars and prevents further acne breakouts.

SWEET POTATOES: A good source of vitamin A, Sweet potatoes are ideal for fighting acne and wrinkles. 

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