Tangled Affair

Tangled Affair

Curly hair can be your messiest nightmare. Managing those jumbled strands is not everyone's cup of tea, but once you’ve mastered the art of solving the puzzle, your hair looks more bouncy and voluminous and give you endless styling opportunities. While some stars are flaunting their curls flawlessly, this hairstyle has swept to the apex in our trend list currently. Just follow these pointers because your curl deserves the best.

1. Shampooing it right
Don’t be harsh on those tresses. Use a mild shampoo (sulphate free) every 2-3 days to avoid dryness. Use a good conditioner post shampooing.

2. Bring on the shine
Curly hair appears shaggy as its uneven surface absorbs light rather than reflecting it. To add on more lustre use a non-greasy hair-oil or a hair gel.

3. Post wash maintenance
Try to limit blow-drying as much as possible. Instead, opt for air-drying devices. Also never dry those strands more than 60 per cent as it may leave your hair parched. Use serum for a better after-effect.

4. Smoothie for the curls
Enhance your hair with a cream which has been crafted especially for curls. Make them look more bouncy and give them the right amount of nourishment.

After following these steps, you have mastered the art of maintaining those curls. We have curated a few styles you can try on.

Taking the undercut road
While undercuts have become a rage this season, giving a twist to your curly head. Move the trimmer smoothly and evenly through the extremes. To add drama, use a comb and a pair of scissors to cut short the hairs at the edge.

Divide your hair into a 70:30 ratio. As it roots up, straighten the lesser part and cut it short. Use your hand to style the larger-curly part with hair-gel.

Wild and untamed
This is an option for men who prefer long locks. Contrary to its name, this hairstyle is not for the lazy lads but for men who hold patience. The first step is simple: let your hair grow out naturally. Keep trimming the edge occasionally and use sea salt spray for long-lasting curls.

Story By: Anshika Seth, Intern at FMH India Magazine 

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