Tribal Man-date

Tribal Man-date

Box Braid

Braiding is an important aspect of many African tribal cultures. However, box braiding is distinctly different from regular braiding as it is deeply influenced by the African-American culture. Give this a try if you want to step up your swag.

Things Required

A water bottle spray


1. Begin by parting your hair straight down the middle.

2. Once you are through, further part your hair and divide them into eight sections.

3. Tuck your sections in little ponies. Make sure your hair is moisturised well. You can apply a leave-in conditioner, just in case your hair is dry.

4. Now start with brushing out the first section. You will have to divide it further into two different sections.

5. Take one of the sections and tie into a pony, brush it thoroughly and start braiding. Tying it with an elastic band will help you keep the braids in place.

6. Follow the same steps for all your sections.

Pro Tip

Make sure to moisturise your hair well. For that, you can apply a leave-in conditioner.


Instant Dreadlocks

This one is truly a perfect culmination of cultures. Dreadlocks have been a prominent part of Indian, African, and Native American cultures. However, if you think that dreadlocks equal Bob Marley’s snake-like locks, think again. Short deadlocks look seriously cool on men.

Things Required 

1. Instant lock hook

2. Crochet latch hook


1. Begin by partitioning your hair similar to a brick pattern. Under this pattern, you will have to divide your hair from the middle and then further partition your hair into smaller squares.

2. Once you are through with this, twist every hair section clockwise into a tight twist.

3. Then start poking the twist with the latch hook and continue to twist the hair clockwise catching and pulling the hair into it.

4. Finally, lift the hook upwards to release the hair.

5. Repeat the same process carefully throughout the rest of the twists.

Pro Tip

It might take you some time to get the hang of instant loc hook and crochet latch hook. Start by practicing in small sections of your hair and comb well to avoid tangling.


Cornrow Braid

Also known as the canerow, cornrow braids are quite popular among the Carribean diaspora. Having been popularised in the resurgence of Reggae music, people from all across the West Indies, the Bahamas, and Cuba sport this hairdo. Try it out this summer for a distinct beach look.

Things Required 

1. A comb

2. A water bottle spray


Begin by partitioning your hair from the middle.

2. Comb both sides well and spray water over them.

3. Then partition your hair further from left and right that will leave you with three sections.

4. From the first section, further, divide it into a small section and start braiding. Make sure to take your hair from underneath for a perfect cornrow.

5. Take other sections and follow the same steps. Make sure to keep brushing to loosen the tangles.

Pro Tip

After you have partitioned your hair well, make sure to apply a leave-in conditioner and black castor oil to set your hair right and let them be in place. The leave-in conditioner needs to be applied to the length of your hair while castor oil has to be applied at the roots.

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