Trim, Snip & Snap

Trim, Snip & Snap

The bond you share with your hairdressers can be tight, but there may come a time where you know you really need to move on, for good. There sure are some really talented barbers out there but then again, there are some which can make things worse for you even after repeated warnings. And these red flags of danger and disappointment lead you to the poshest of men’s salons; but beware, as what’s expensive isn't always the best. 

Hence, we combined a few signs of when you need to break up with your grooming stylist and start searching for a better one, as compromising is never an option.

Do they get you?

This is the most important factor to keep in mind while breaking up with your barber. Even though you might not get the same haircut like your desired actor, but in case your hairstylist lacks the required skills, then it's surely time to say goodbye to him. And to make sure this doesn’t happen, you should always communicate as much as possible and give in your suggestions too.

Money makes the world go round

It’s true that amenities and the basic cost of living in a metropolitan city isn’t getting any cheaper, but even though that cuts out on you going out for an extra boys night, don’t let it hamper your grooming regimen. Be sure to take out time to visit your trusted salons every now and then, but be sure to receive the worth of your money; as a loyal customer, you may also be able to receive special coupons or discounts. So keep an eye out for them mate! but if that isn't the case then adios amigo it is.

Tick-tock, Tick-tock

There can be instances when the salon is crowded and you have to wait for a long time before you get your turn. But be sure that this isn't an everytime case, after all, if your barber doesn't respect you, then is it even worth it? It shouldn’t ever be a one-sided relationship. 

Watch his actions

Be sure that whatever instructions you share with your hairstylist or barber don’t go in vain. You don’t want a Painter’s brush moustache instead of a Chevron, right? But if your grooming expert has a tendency to mess up your looks, then it’s time for a much-anticipated break-up.

But in the end, we would just like to share, that considering barbers and hairstylists dedicate their lives to making you a better-looking person, their good side is a fruitful place to be. And don’t give up on your amigo before giving him a proper chance.


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