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Mobile apps have changed our lives in more than one way and we are very dependent on them. FHM India has compiled 3 apps which help one in their daily life. Download then now!


Over the years mobile phones have changed in a positive way from an easy communication machine to an effective tool that has become the central point of many jobs due to its incredible new features. These days, the accessibility of mobile apps is on the boost such that it has created a perceptible change in the way humans feel and understand computing.


Nowadays remembering everything has become a task. But you know what? Whenever problem comes, it comes with its solution. A smartphone has become our assistant, friend and according to our parents, it’s our better half as well.  Many app developers are pushing the envelope everyday trying to maintain, perk up and improve our smartphones or gadgets experience.



Have a little knowledge about your favourite gadget and it can help you keep everything in order. FHM India has compiled 3 apps which are really helpful. Download them now!


Bola app

Bola is a quite simple budget manager app. Through this app, people can track their expenses, budget and paychecks. Overall, you can control your expenses through this app.


Hurry app

It’s an app which creates quick countdown timer. It’s the best app to remember birthdays, meetings and important events.


Amazing weather HD

This app shows current weather on the wallpaper of the phone, which helps one to go out according to the weather.



Guys, these apps are in demand but there are many more apps, which can help you according to your need. Let your phone know what your next step should be.

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