A 3D Holographic Display in a Mobile Phone? Yes, it’s true!

RED the professional camera maker who makes cameras at upwards of 4.5K has just unveiled their secret project called Hydrogen. A mobile phone featuring naked eye 3D Holographic Display that has completely stunned the market.


In a world of rampant leaks and tech blogs, trying to get that next scoop to drive hits to their pages, RED the camera manufacturing company just dropped the bombshell by unveiling Hydrogen. Hydrogen One is a device that could significantly disrupt the mobile phone market. It’s main U.S.P., its naked eye 3D display along with their H3O algorithm that converts stereo sound to a multi-dimensional audio.


RED doesn’t call this device a cell phone. It calls it a holographic media machine and that is modular. With an ever expanding modular component system and attachments that will be available at the time of release. The phone will also have 2D support. Also, it will be ready for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality.


This media machine will be available for a whopping $1195 in Aluminum and $1595 in Titanium. That is about $200 more than the Google Pixel and other flagship phones. And, will be available in the first Quarter of 2018.

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