Modular Phone 2.0

Motorola has come out with Moto Z2 Play, the second iteration of their modular phones. But is it really worth it? Here is why we are conflicted.



Last year when Motorola took out Moto Z play, the first of its kind phone, a phone with Mods. We were all intrigued. But somewhere, the phone got lost in translation. Are we supposed to buy the phone and then the mods? The answer to that was a, yes! Motorola was starting out a new eco system of Mods which could be attached to their phone and transform it to do the desired job. Now they are continuing with that thought.

Recently Motorola came out with a revamped version of their Modular phone, the Moto Z2 Play. The phone is much more powerful with a 2.2 GHz Qualcom Snapdragon 626, Octa-Core CPU. It has a better battery than its predecessor, replacing the 2600 mAh battery for a longer lasting 3000 mAh. It also has a better, FHD super AMOLED, display. And to boot it all, it is 1mm thinner and, fits and feels better in your hand.
Even so, I am finding it hard to recommend this phone. The reason behind that is the lack of availability of the Mods.


Most of them are not available in India. Don’t get me wrong, the phone itself is not bad for a mid range device but USP of these Moto Z devices are the Mods. The ones available on Amazon India are the Hasselbad True Zoom Mod for a whopping `19,999, JBL Sound Boost for `6,999 and Style Mods starting from `1,099.


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