OnePlus 5 Smartphones


The 3T to the OnePlus is what 6S was to the iPhone 6. Some upgrades and a new flagship comes out to create ripples in the market. And that’s why OnePlus released the 3T for its fan base. It was about an year ago that OnePlus 3 was launched and the Chinese smartphone makers decided to hit the refresh button and launched a tweaked (and tweaked quite well, I must say) OnePlus 3T. The newer version had a lot of upgrades to serve a low blow to the existing OnePlus 3 users.



From an improved processor to a better camera and an even better battery, it tried to cover it all. And aren’t these the things we look forward to in our phones! Oh, and it came with Qualcomm Adreno 530 graphics (whatever that means). For me, the phone didn’t heat up while running multiple apps and playing games. And that’s what mattered to me.

As far as the handling was concerned, the body, made of a single slab of aluminium, felt like a part of the hand. The biggest upgrade in 3T was the camera at 16MP sensors in both front and back. With f/2.0 aperture and fixed focus, the images came detailed in both daylight and low light conditions.
The third notable change was the bigger battery of 3400mAH which easily survived a day with standard usage. The dash charger worked brilliantly too as it charged up to 45 per cent in just 35 minutes and finished up in just about an hour.

The 3T Midnight Black eduition is the same as 3T with just a new colour scheme. And we have to admit that the phone does look great!
But what was the need of a limited edition? May be, with new phones arriving every other day, OnePlus doesn’t want people to forget the name. We were impressed with the 3T anyway, OnePlus!


This is my personal opinion, you are all welcome to rip it apart.

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