A perfect drone for superhero lovers


Aura Drone for superhero lovers is a technology developed for kids and adults. This drone with all the auto-pilot technologies is a useful instrument for kids in terms of spying and related stuff.   




For all the superhero lovers, Aura Drones featured by KD Interactive will be a treat. This drone will help kids to enact their favourite superheroes quite realistically with all the flair and power. Now, you don’t have to play with boring toys but with latest hand gesture flying drones.



Recently, KD Interactive, a technology firm which makes kids based toys and technology, developed a gesture-robotics technology for drones. The product is called Aura Drone. It consists of a drone and a glove. The drone is controlled by a glove which is worn by a user to handle the drone. While wearing in on the hand, the Aura drone is handled through the hand gestures like a telekinetic Superhero (Wao bro). With the introduction of Aura drone, a stabilised technology comes into being especially in terms of drones.



Aura Drone works as a high- flying toy for kids with hand gestures like forward, backward, side to side, up and down, 360-degree flips and etc. A 6 axis- gyroscope ensures smooth flight which makes the drone fly heights easily. The drone has an auto-takeoff which makes landing quite simple for kids who want to become a telekinetic master.




Launched in the US, the cost of this piece of technology is $99. It is available on Amazon. 


Now you have all the right technology and power to become a superhero. The Aura Drone is a toy for kids who love to pilot flying drones and objects.    



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