A personal safety gadget every woman should own

ARMHER is an innovative safety gadget for women which requires no charging and security worries.


Have you ever felt scared or daunted when walking alone? Have you ever thought what you should do if encountered by an assailant? Have you ever bothered about becoming yet another home assault statistic?


Almost every day, women from all walks of life are attacked, ill-treated and violated openly. Public places have become risky and unsafe for women. While some women weep down in stillness and scorn, others try to fight their way to a regular life with self-respect.


The gloomy reality is that we live in a progressively fierce society in which the fear of crime is ever-present. Personal safety has become a subject of importance for everyone, but especially for women.


I always make sure to carry a pepper spray in my handbag whenever I leave home. It’s a fact of life that as far as personal safety is concerned, it’s better to be prepared than to be caught off guard.


Now a few tech companies are working effectually to find out a way to work on existing tools for personal safety.


Lately, I was introduced to an innovative device designed especially for women and it’s called ARMHER.


I immediately connected this cute little gadget with my smartphone via Bluetooth. Though, every time when it pairs with my phone, my heart skips a beat – I’m always concerned about the battery of my phone, but it was a shocker for me when I realised that it uses really low-energy.


The functionality of this device is very simple. It has a micro-switch, which has a dual function. When the switch is clicked (short press), the camera of the smartphone will take a quick “selfie” and when the switch is pressed for a longer period (405 seconds) then the smartphone sends out SOS alert to 5 mobile numbers, 5 email ids and your exact location.


Just press a hidden alert button and inform your friends and family about your whereabouts.Isn’t it a real-life saviour?


I used to carry this cutie every day in my pocket when leaving for work.But one fine day, I forget to keep it.Surprisingly, the moment I stepped out of my home, my phone started ringing, there was a notification from this security device and I immediately came back and grabbed it. Now it is happily hanging in my handbag.


ARMHER is available at Amazon: View (https://www.amazon.in/gp/offer-listing/B014KHIH44/ref=olp_tab_all?ie=UTF8&qid=1512452687&sr=8-1)




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