Dawn of Dream: Harley-Davidson

Dawn of Dream: Harley-Davidson

As an aspirational brand, Harley-Davidson has a glorious legacy. Their motorcycles have always had this bad boy image that men and women alike have found bewitching. It did not matter if you were born as a biking enthusiast or not, you must have heard of the brand. Everyone who has even heard of the motorcycling company is vaguely aware of the idea of freedom and the image of riding your motorcycle into the sunset that Harley-Davidson has come to embody over the years. Such is their legacy.

Even though Harley-Davidson has been in India for just a decade, we are well aware of this legacy. To mark their long and illustrious journey in the country, Harley-Davidson recently launched their Forty-Eight Special in the country. Priced at Rs.10,98,000, the motorcycle looks very promising, not just for the company, but for all motorcycling enthusiasts who plan to step into the world of Harley-Davidson.

The Forty-Eight Special has been engineered brilliantly and promises a perfect balance between power, handling, and style. This should give the motorcycle, that quintessential Harley-Davidson-esque character. The Forty-Eight Special is powered by a 1202 CC Evolution V-Twin engine, which produces 96 nm of torque at 4250 RPM. The cylinders operate at 88.9mm bore and at 96.8mm stroke, which gives the exhaust note a heavy and full-throated baritone, which is further accentuated by the shorty exhaust with dual mufflers. This set up powers the bike through a 5-speed gearbox. As for the grip and stopping power, the Forty-Eight Special comes with a 130mm front and 150mm rear tyres, both of which are paired to a cast aluminium nine spoke wheel and dual piston brakes. The design of the motorcycle is signature Harley-Davidson. Masculine, tough, aggressive, and yet easy going, the styling, full of character. The high Tallboy handlebar further adds to the looks and appeal of the motorcycle. Because of the handlebar alone, the Forty Eight Special looks and feels more like a Harley, than the original Forty-Eight. Trust us when we say that to look like a Greek God, the modern man does not need washboard abs and a chiselled body. Rather, they need a ride just like this one.

What Harley-Davidson has here is the stepping stone that it should have had in the first place. Don’t get us wrong, the Street Rod and the Street 750 are great motorcycles, but they don’t have that same appeal as individual motorcycles. They do not have that character which makes Harleys special. The Forty-Eight Special does. For toys that will make you feel special, happy, and content, this is the best that you can do. Well done, Harley.

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