High Flying Dirt Kicker

High Flying Dirt Kicker

True motorcycling enthusiasts know that dirt bikes are not everyone’s cup of tea. Inherently unstable on well paved roads and quite challenging to ride off it, dirt bikes are true pure-breds. Mastering them is indeed a challenge. However, the ones who tenaciously put up with all their tantrums and twitchiness, and eventually master the subtle of art of playing with the throttle and the brakes of one, are legends in their own right. Keeping such legends in mind, we have compiled these bad boys of dirt that have the ability to leave you with both, bruises and broken bones, as well as the gleeful smile of a happy toddler.

KTM 250 XC-F
In an arena that is dominated by the Japanese, the Austrian automobile maker KTM has been putting up a very gritty fight for the last decade. In the 250 XC-F, KTM has put their years of expertise and engineering mettle, to make one spectacular off roading machine. This 250cc dirt bike is fast and changes direction at the blink of an eye. Also, because it is a KTM, it is pretty easy to live with, if one knows a thing or two about KTM’s idiosyncrasies. The best thing about the 250 XC-F is, that almost anyone can ride it and enjoy the bike’s performance. However, to enjoy everything that the bike is truly capable of, one has to put in some effort. Not that one would mind it, though.

Another 250cc dirt cross bike from some of the best automotive brains in Japan, the RM Z250 is preferred by many professionals rally riders from across the world. However, because Suzuki do such a great job at tuning the bike before letting it out of the factory, amateur riders have taken a particularly keen interest in this dirt bike for quite some time now. The traction management system on the Suzuki works like a charm and ensures that no matter what the surface, riders are able to put the hammer down and give the throttle a really good twist, without being afraid of crashing.

Yamaha makes some of the most iconic two-wheelers in the world. More importantly, they make some of the best engines, powering some of the fastest speed machines ever made. No wonder then, that Yamaha’s WR450F is a choice for the most ardent off road enthusiasts and professional riders alike. The 450cc dirt bike is highly customisable and can be fettered with to suit any circuit, for a blazing fast lap. Alternatively, you can also turn down the settings and the output to learn the ropes of dirt biking. As far as we are concerned, Yamaha certainly takes the cake with this one.

This is where things start getting a little serious. The first 450cc dirt bike on the list, is also the most powerful one here. In its third year of production, the Honda CRF450RX has been designed keeping professionals in mind, wh  demand nothing but the best. It looks the part too, that of a serious racing machine. However, looks can be deceiving. It is not an easy-to-ride machine, especially for amateurs. Novices should stay away from this one. However, there is a subtle charm and sophistication in the brutality. The power delivery is smooth and balanced, and, as per many professionals, a dream to work with.

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