The Hispter Bike

The Hispter Bike

Cafe racers bikes are generally optimised for speed. Instead of offering comfort during long journeys, the priority is given to the speed and handling. The motorscycles are meant for quick rides over short distances. 

1. Developed by: British motorcyclists in 1960s.

2. Purpose: To race from one café to another, chill and listen to music. 

3. Machine: It’s light and made to speed. Comfort is of least importance in a café racer. 

4. Humped seat: It’s like taking a ride on a double-humped camel.    

5. Smaller mudguards: If you observe carefully, the mud guard of any Café Racer would be almost half the size of any regular bike of the same genre.

6. Single seater: Café Racers are primarily made as single seaters, however, if your babe is size zero, she can fit in.

7. Clip-on handles: They are sporty to look at and help in manoeuvring city roads.   

8. Inclining silencer: Though there is no fixed angle of incline that the silencers of the Café Racer come with, they are mostly inclined at a certain angle. The angle in Triumph Thruxton is less while it’s more in the Royal Enfield Continental GT.

9. Dumps on fuel tank: The dumps on the fuel tank are synonymous to Café Racers. These dumps help the riders grip their knees on the sides of the fuel tank. 

10. Elongated fuel tank: These are nothing like your regular round or oval shaped fuel tanks. 

11. Bar end mirrors: Unlike other motorcycles where the rear view mirrors are somewhat centrally stationed at the handle bar, in a Café Racer, they are at the extreme end of the handle.

12. Crouching position of riding: You don’t have to sweep back to ride this bike as it’s more like riding a sports bike.

13. Shorter gear ration: To gain speed quickly, the gears in the Café Racer change quickly.

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