Hover Around

Hover Around

This isn’t an exaggeration at all. Perhaps everything that was once pinned as a nutty piece of imagination is now a reality. Like this flying machine that reminds you of the hover-bikes in Star Wars.

Called Aero-X, this off-road vehicle can go flying up to 10 feet off the ground with a top speed of 72 kilometres per hour. Even though it’s called a Hover-bike, it’s actually closer to a helicopter in operation.

First unveiled in 2012, its developers have now started taking pre-orders, the actual sale will happen in 2017. You can pay a refundable booking amount of Rs. 3,00,000 the bike will cost you `52,00,000 at the time of its possession.

While the prototype of the machine is already being tested for control, manoeuvre and safety, the official ride will happen only in 2016, a year ahead of its delivery.

Tragically though, city streets aren’t what they are targeting. Mark De Roche, the company’s CTO and Founder, Aerofex, told FHM that this crossover vehicle is largely intended for agriculture, herd management, and geo-surveying, particularly in those parts of the world that lack general aviation. It can also be used during disasters, rescue operations and patrolling the borders. Aero-X has three-rotor rotary engines and an oil cooled gearbox. Instead of tyres, it uses rotors, something similar to helicopters. It can seat a rider and a pillion and doesn’t need a runway to be airborne. It can take off and land vertically just like a helicopter hence it doesn’t even need a forward speed.
You can ride it for 1.25 hours on one tank of gasoline. 

The Aero-X also boasts of an intuitive pilot interface, fixed-pitch carbon fibre fans, four-wheel gear with casting aft wheels, two-position control bars and carbon fibre composite primary structure. It also has a tachometer with indicator lights and lets you connect your USB and mount other devices too. If you want to go for a higher variant, it will come with full body airbags and water operations. And yes, don’t worry about the dust and debris, its makers have used technology that will keep the dirt away, at least from the pilot...err...rider.  

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