4 lesser known places for your solo escape

Solo travelling not only helps one to throw out the daily life tensions from the mind but also takes you closer to yourself.


In the epoch of hustles and bustles, where only work, home and waiting for weekends equip your life crucially, taking a solo escape is must, to bring the fresh breath to your daily lives. It’s because there are some things which one should do. Solo escape only needs a few days and most of it a lovely place which can enhance your mood. FHM India has extracted exquisite places from the map of India for your solo escape. Check out!


Colva Beach: Colva Beach is the best place for lazing around, it’s a white sand beach spread over 2.4 kms in Goa. If you are adventurous, then you can relish the best water sports here!



Varkala: The coastal town Verkala in Kerela is a serene cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea. Ayurvedic massages and spas are also famous there apart from the peaceful and enchanting views of Mother nature. Just lie down, get massage and witness the picturesque view.



Kaziranga National Park: It is the oldest park in Assam that lies moderately in Golaghata district and Nagaon district. It is one of the world heritage sites. The park has verdant forests, tall elephant grass and swamps in its landscape.



Majuli: Majuli is situated in Brahmaputra, Assam and is the world’s largest river island. With over 100 species of birds, this place is perfect for bird watching and for neo-Vaishnavite ethnicity and tradition. This place is peaceful but life here is unpredictable.



Above are places which only few people know and are perfectly made for solo travelling. The search to discover oneself along with divine rejuvenation becomes an ideal motive to pack your travel bag and ascend those tranquil mountains or wander by quiet beaches, all by yourself.

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