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My mind is still keeling, processing and gyrating, but my heart is oh so full! Here’s a look at my expedition and some of the incredible moments from my time in Kenya.


Those who know me or track my stories are well cognisant of my love for Africa. In the mid of June 2016, I made my fifth trip to Africa and my first to Kenya. I had already fallen in love with this amazing continent upon visiting Namibia, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Seychelles, but seeing how unique Kenya was, it only strengthened that love.


Trust me, it will come as no surprise to all of you that my trip to Kenya tops my chart of travel adventures. Wildlife in Kenya is very diverse and makes for an outstanding game watching experience – far better than anywhere else in the world.


I travelled to Kenya last year and everything is still so bright in my mind – it was a memorable experience and one I will treasure forever. Yes, I will.


Almost five years ago, I was sitting in my office conference room - daydreaming about my crush – the guy with an infectious smile, when something my senior said caught my attention. “We have a guest to talk to you about a very exciting opportunity, please meet...”


I can’t actually recall if the new face before me was male or female, since I was more interested in the PowerPoint presentation behind them. Beautiful images of warm orange plains, wild animals, and kids smiling. “I want to go!” I told my colleague. It was actually a presentation made by Kenya Tourism Board about the exquisiteness of this splendid country in East Africa.


I recall from the trip - arriving in Nairobi very exhausted and jet-lagged. Travel sickness aside, I was overcome with enthrallment. My surroundings were like nothing I’d ever seen before; a capital without skyscrapers, huts for houses and wide open plains dotted with dry shrubbery and skinny trees.


Safari is one of the few African words to make it into the English language - it means “journey”. It’s indeed an overland voyage, typically a trip by tourists to Africa. Long ago, the trip was often a big-game hunt, but these days, safari regularly refers to trips to observe and photograph wildlife – or hiking and sight-seeing as well.


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