Come Fall In Love With Seychelles

Come Fall In Love With Seychelles

The sky was vibrant, the water was turquoise and the grass was really green. The plane approached the hills of Mahé Island and landed at the airport with views of the runway, the neighbouring islands and coastline. This was a dream come true. 
The minute I stepped off the plane, I took a breath of tropical air, which smelled fresh, like banana trees. There was a distinct humidity in the air and it was hot, with the thermometer indicating 27°C. I immediately went through the passport security checks, got my entry stamp in the shape of a coco de mer when at last I saw the sign I've been eagerly waiting for: "Welcome to Seychelles". 
To be totally honest, I never planned to visit The Seychelles islands. It just happened. 
But tell me, have you ever dreamt of sitting on one of the most stunning beaches on earth? I’m so grateful to say, I had the opportunity to set foot on the islands, called Seychelles. 

Before I'm going to share my adventures in the Seychelles islands, I'd like you to get ready for the experience of heaven.  Intriguingly, Seychelles is world-renowned to be the home of nature’s best-kept secrets. In its every curve, a secret is waiting to be discovered. Untouched, striking, breath-taking, words are less to label the exquisiteness of this heaven. The contrast of colours, cultures and flavours styles the island so alluring making it a magnificent place, a true paradise.

Pinch me,  I can’t believe it.
I was fêting the variety of colours and casts found on the dream beaches of the Indian Ocean with the complete spectrum: Sun, Beach and Water in every feasible shade. This Island nation is certainly blessed, because of its welcoming people, mesmerising climate, far-fetched scenery, and since it relishes the freedom from most natural hazards. This great recipe makes the Seychelles one of the best tourist places in the world.

Ready to explore
Even though tired after 12 hours of travel, my enthusiasm, at last, kicked in. I forgot about sleeping, eating or getting over my jet lag: I was ready to explore. After a while, I was sipping coconut water. It may come as a surprise that this island nation not only furnishes luxury resort accommodation (out of the budget range for most travellers) but also loads of mid-range guesthouses and self-catering apartments & chalets. 
I stayed at Hotel Kempinski which is so far the best hotel I have stayed in. The beach was very clean, the lunch spread was huge and everything was delicious. There were around 3-4 Indian dishes on the menu. I think there are no better means to venture around the island of Mahé than by car. I wanted the flexibility to visit all the beaches, trek all trails and drive to the shops at any given time.  Fortunately, the Seychelles Tourism Board arranged a special cab for me. 

Colours of the Carnaval
Day three: It was approximately two hours to go before the commencement of the Carnaval, but there was already a vibe of keen anticipation in the air. I was surrounded by beautiful faces painted in vibrant colours, some with flashy feathers in their hair and yet others in bright wigs. People - both locals and tourists - started lining up along the main street of Victoria, the tiny capital city of the Seychelles on Mahé Island.

Though people were keen to grab prime positions, there was no pushing or shoving, no raised voices. 
I had teaser glimpses of the performances from the different troupes at the inaugural events on the preceding days, and I knew what to expect. I was indeed looking forward to the dancers from Brazil.

The carnival showcased a charged atmosphere wrapped in vivacious colours laced with loud music, eccentric costumes, flashy characters, and grating bodies bringing both participants and spectators together in a scene of fun, enthusiasm and hospitality as one rolling mass of rambunctious energy. This is in a nutshell what Carnaval International de Victoria is all about. 

Experience a royal honeymoon
I had often heard that the Seychelles was a tropical playground classified to the lifestyles of the rich and renowned. But it is without a doubt, a destination that suits any type of traveller - it lends itself to groping travel as much as the more conventional resort stay. 
Yes, it is known for its quixotic beauty and epic luxury. Well thought-out to be a play field of the riches, it is gradually rising as the hottest honeymoon destination, particularly for Indian couples. Its white sand, untouched turquoise water, and ultra-luxurious resorts & hotels make for a good combination to start a new life together on your honeymoon.

Seychelles offers everything you’d want on your honeymoon - sparkling beaches, delicate exquisiteness, delish delicacies, heart-warming people and carnival-like spirit of the place. 

And it fascinates nature lovers, hikers, divers, golfers, honeymooners, and those looking to loosen up and get away from it all. The laid-back people, the all year round warm weather, the white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters, the ease of getting around, and the huge range of accommodations available make it the perfect island retreat.

The Seychelles is home to some of the world’s most photographed beaches. Yes, it is. It also had a moment of eminence when Kate & William went there for their royal honeymoon. Feeling royal myself, I had to add it on after my Kenyan safari. 

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