Discovering At The Wheels

Discovering At The Wheels

Every wanderlust has an unmatched thrill when exploring the earth’s natural treasures. Whether it is the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas or the dense greenery of North East, each one has its own high. Bikers with their beloved beasts always unleash their inner passionate travel bug and sets on a path of self-discovery. Maybe, its time for you too, to break the monotony and embark on a journey that is different and fill your ‘motorcyle’ diaries.

Green Getaway

Imagine an offbeat route amongst hilly terrains, virgin forests, soothing winds hitting your face. Its almost being in like a 90s music video hidden within the green arms of nature. That is what Meghalaya, the ‘house of clouds’ in Northeast India gives to you - picturesque views and inspiring memories. For the ones who are brave and adventurous, you will enjoy the thrilling journey within the mountain curves and lush green valleys. Entering the state of Meghalaya, you’ll be welcomed by the cool, sweet breeze and mesmerising landscapes. Upon reaching Cherrapunji, be ready to be spoilt by the view of tall natural waterfalls and caves, not to forget the surprise drizzles of the pleasant rain. This region will surely perk you up with starggering scenes as well.

Adventure Escape

Challenging terrain and a journey filled with an adrenaline rush is every biker’s dream. India seems to be the abode of adventure voyages. Spiti Valley is a favourite amongst people who want to be within the green wonders along rough and rugged trails. A passion of a lifetime cruising to the Greater Himalayas through high mountain passes such as Rohtang & Kunzum ensures a consistent thrill for the riders. This voyage is gifted with the beauty of apricot and apple orchards, monasteries and not to forget, the snow-capped mountains.

Coastal Trail

Embark on this amazing bike ride trip, which will provide you stunning vistas of the Western Ghats. You can ride through the winding passage between Bangalore and Goa that allows the traveller to immerse into the natural and offshore beauty of the region. In case your adventure instinct is not satisfied, then driving alongside the gushing waterfalls, verdant valleys, and golden beaches are best suited for you. Not just this, the culture and the traditions, mixed heritage, old architecture, and local markets, all take up a share in making this route so popular.

Reminiscing History

If you are somebody who wants to be led to heritage structures hidden in majestic places, exploring western geography should be your call. A bike tour in the midst of green and brown hues set by nature in Rajasthan greets you with architectural splendour. A bike ride is the most ideal way of unveiling this rustic city covered with rich Rajputana history. However, the desert ride can be tricky sometimes but how would you call a journey memorable without some risks and bumps? It is a thrill for those interested in exploring beyond just nature.

Hilly Roundabouts 

With its serene scenes, Western Arunachal Pradesh is perhaps one of the best spots for a bike ride in India. Truly, there are high possibilities that you would discover unpaved streets and rough terrains all through the voyage yet nature’s excellence makes up for everything here. Waterfalls, terraced paddy fields, snow-capped mountain, and little villages make this highway a compelling one for an adventurist. Bomdila, Dirang, Tawang, Lake District, Gorshem Chorten, Ziro, Parsuram Kund, and Namdapha National Park are the piece of this heaven called Western Arunachal Pradesh.

Cultural Expedition

Carefree riders will love to take this difficult yet excellent route in Gujarat. Beginning from the clamouring centre of the state to the remote and surreal Rann of Kutch, the course is one of India’s famous gem waiting to be discovered. You can drive around the Kutch area where both white salt desert and salty swamps await to welcome you. On on your way, a visit can be paid to Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary, and furthermore Dholavira can be added to your itinerary. Since Kutch is rich in terms of culture and heritage, a motorbike ride to the towns is a perfect idea as it would allow you to peep into every nook and corner of the region.

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