District And Dishes

District And Dishes

Did you know Bangkok is a synonym for street food? Well, probably not according to the official dictionary, but having eaten and explored the street food in this culinary wonderland, we can say without a doubt, Bangkok is one of the world’s best cities for food. So, in the confusion of Bangkok’s bright and colourful tuk-tuk’s, extraordinary modern shopping malls, and flashy street markets, we wondered, where are all the neighbourhood eating coves? The dining Shangri-La’s, the street food sanctuaries where a hungry soul can gobble down excessive portions of insanely delicious street food?

There’s no denying that Bangkok’s famous Chinatown, known in Thai as Yaowarat, offers some of the most respected street food dining options in all of the city. We discovered some serious Thai street food masters who have perfected their recipes and passed them on through generations. Some places are pop-up food stalls that move around on trolleys, while others are more or less permanent, serving fresh and tasty Thai food at small tables on the street pavement. Barbecued seafood is seriously popular here, as are flat noodles in pepper broth, dim sum
and all sorts of fruit desserts. Walking around we found different types of Thai food, from Satay, Pad Thai, barbecue spears with peanut butter, chicken in different variations, fried rice, noodles, different soups, crispy duck and curries.

Mondays are street cleaning days in Bangkok citywide, and many street food cart vendors take the day off. You’ll notice about a 50 per cent decrease in street food in Bangkok on Mondays. You may still find some, but don’t always count on Mondays. Bangkok is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and a wonderland for food lovers. Everywhere you look while walking around the city, you’ll be tempted by something
delicious – whether it be fresh green papaya salad, a spice filled coconut milk curry, or smoke pouring off a food grill. As we strolled down the street, the aroma of stir fried chilies, garlic, and basil, mixed with the thick humidity of a Bangkok evening, were an aromatic combination that
switched on our senses, and we immediately were fascinated by Thai food and culture.

Prachak is an institution that has served Bangkok’s best-roasted duck to hungry Thais since 1909. There are simply too many lip-smacking picks along this road to mention, but here lies Prachak Pet Jang famous for its Chinese-style roasted duck with a dark, spicy sauce over rice. It is delicious. The skin is perfectly crispy while the duck meat is super juicy. The rice is cooked perfectly and the Chinese sausage is delicious, though slightly sweet.

The old world charm of this city and the legendary street food restaurants scattered among its narrow streets are filled with dishes which are wonderful in taste and aroma. But none more famous than Pad Thai Thip Samai, which is generally considered to serve the finest Pad Thai in Bangkok – which pretty much makes it the best in the world. Commonly known as Ghost Gate Pad Thai by locals, our pursuit to get a genuine slice of Bangkok street food brought us here.

Set amidst the hustle and bustle of the business district of Bangkok. Due to its popularity, we had to share our table with other people, which was a great opportunity to have a chat with some locals who shared their picks on some of the hidden gems for our sweet tooth. Kanom Bueang, are essentially bite-sized Thai-style crepes. The ‘pancake’ follows more closely to a thin wafer, made from rice flour before it is stuffed with coconut cream and shreds of coconut flesh. The stuffing also varies to include egg yolks or chopped scallions. Roti Sai Mai, a Thai-style candy floss made from spun sugar and wrapped in a sweet crepe-like bread made with eggs and flour. Khao Niao Mamuang, glutinous rice stacked with fresh mango and coconut milk. For some reason, mangoes in Bangkok are what sweet dreams are made of. When in Bangkok, it goes without saying; where there are people, there will be food. Though certain streets are more blessed with delectable treats than others.

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