Dusk Till Dawn

Dusk Till Dawn

Warm red colours marking the horizon, with shadows dancing in silent rhythm and soft lights delicately grazing the skin, the ethereal settings of sunrise and sunset are the highlights of the natural beauty of the planet we share. It is believed that each and every sunset and sunrise is unique—from their warmth infused hues to brush-stroked clouds, the experience is like no other. So, if you are a seeker of the most picturesque dusk or dawn, and want to commemorate an unforgettable vacation with your significant other, then look no further than our list of favourite spots. Our picks will not only inspire the journey but will also spark the true feeling of romance in you.

- Kruger National Park, South Africa

This place is not only the home of the ‘Big Five’ (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and cape buffalo) but also presents one of the world’s most majestic sunrises. Since the National Park lies close to the equator, the sun appears much larger as there isn’t a horizon serving as a reference point. Being small in size, the country offers endless opportunities to witness beautiful dawns that elicit a sense of serenity with their intense spectacle. You can find accommodation in a safari tent or one of the park’s trademark thatched bungalows, and enjoy the gilded beauty through leafy trees. With an alluring canvas unfolding every morning, this experience might just overshadow the action-filled safari itself.

- Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Head to Jackson lake, home of a15-mile long glacial lake ornating the foot of the majestic Teton mountains. As the sun crowns the sky, the clouds illuminate with a vibrant pink glow and the peaks are reflected in the glassy water. Even if you are not an American, you might just get inspired to patriotically sing, “O beautiful for spacious skies.” If not that, just breathe in the crisp Alpine air, that’s fine too. After witnessing the serene sunrise, rent a boat and explore the hidden beauty of the many islands and islets scattered around the lake.    

- Cairo, Egypt

The hot red sun sinking and glittering between the triangular peaks of the Great Pyramids, is a sight like no other. It delivers a profound sense of awe, along with a series of impressive photographs to dazzle your Instagram page. The experience of an authentic Arabian adventure and witnessing the sunset across Cairo in Egypt is hands down spectacular. There are plenty of spots to choose from around the city and in the desert. Although the most popular choice would be out near the pyramids, with the gleaming setting sky as a backdrop, you can also view the day moulding into dusk over camps set across the desert. It is heartwarming to witness the rustic sands that appear to burn bright orange in the sunlight. 

- Val D’orcia, Tuscany

Imagine sunlight peeking through the gliding fog, decorating the landscape with a regal look. Val D’orcia is an unspoiled pastoral valley of rolling hills with cypress trees and sunflower, dotted with fortresses and pictorial villages that have inspired a whole school of painting. The mist in the valley creates a pensive and romantic sunrise, slowly unveiling the opulent landscape. The region is also famed for its clean and neatly manicured locations, along with pecorino cheese and wineries. So after watching the morning unfurl, let your taste buds have a party as well. 

- Barcelona, Spain

Culture, nightlife, sports and striking sunsets, Barcelona is a perfect melting pot that has something for all. The city is bursting with perfect sunset spotting locations, and most travellers prefer to walk around the place in the evening, experiencing their lifestyle, with amazing sights, incredible sounds and the setting sun. One of the most prominent spots is atop El Carmel Hill which looks down on the lively Gaudi-inspired marvels. The amber sunset accents the colours and hues of the city itself are sufficient to lift the spirit.

- Cape Hillsborough, Australia

Want to experience the wonders of the wild? Then look no further than Cape Hillsborough. To enjoy a quintessential Australian sunrise with kangaroos and wallabies, just head to this national park, the place where the rainforest becomes one with the ocean. At the Casuarina beach, the sun will be showing off—replenishing the sky in hues of orange and purple. Down on the ground, you can witness the beach play host to a local group of wallabies and kangaroos fossicking for breakfast. The phenomenon has become so popular among tourists that many tourism companies are now ensuring that every individual gets the best experience possible. 

- Grundarfjordur, Iceland

A small Icelandic town tucked between mountain ranges and not far from them is a lava field, creating an absolute intense background landscape, as the sun falls below the horizon, wouldn’t it be a sight to witness? This is what Grandarfjordur offers to the travellers. The best time to visit this place would be from the beginning of July until the end of August. Due to its small size, there are only a handful of hotels to reside, so choose one that allows the best view of the water, through which you can witness the sun hiding behind the curtains of the peaks and finally becoming one with the water. 

- Mount Fuji, Japan

With a nickname “The Land of the Rising Sun”, and we know it is all because of scientific reasons; still, when it comes to marvels of nature and breathtaking views, Japan is always on the top curve. Since Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, what better place to capture your #sunrisegram? You have two options; either watch the sunrise from a distance to get that panoramic shot or climb all the way to top and watch it from the summit. Climbing the mountain actually is not that hard, it takes about four to seven hours, depending on the person’s ability, so really the hardest part is getting up early.  

- Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Stunning views, inky landscapes and fine cuisine, the Alpine adventure never seems to disappoint any traveller. For seekers wanting to experience an enchanting sunset, just gaze upon the iconic Matterhorn, which is the symbol of the Alpine region. There are plenty of guided jaunts, day trips and meals to choose from, and the only thing you need to take care of is to make sure your camera has enough space to capture the iconic view as the majestic mountain engulfs the sun. Depending on the time of the year, you can see colours varying from cotton-candy to rustic red.  

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