Haute Streets

Haute Streets


Topping the list is the style capital of India, Mumbai. With a huge and upcoming fashion industry, the city has led the movement of “fashionwear” all through the nation. Mumbaikars live, eat, and breath fashion as the city has the absolute best designers who work incessantly to bring the style to the common man. The city flaunts boutiques and fashion stores in every single nook and corner to bring the design to its kin. Shopping lanes such as Grant street, Bandra, Kemps corner, Colaba, and Goregaon are the most occurring and elegant hubs to hit as they have probably the most selective clothing showrooms.


When in the ‘City of Love’, make some time and effort to dress elegantly and fashionably. At the capital of France, you can check out some trendy outfits with the season’s best pattern at Merci. Here, you can discover chic wear and great ideas for bags and shoes. In the streets of Paris, several first-copies of trendy yet branded bags can be a perfect buy. Scarves made with silk have a dash of Parisian style. You can utilise these scarves as a gifting item for your significant other. Not just this, adornments with pearls, precious stones and watches, artworks and perfumes can be purchased from Paris shops, which offer a wide choice. Don’t forget to shop for yourself. One can go for some Parisian shoes and leather bags. There is a wide variety of choices offered to men as well and it feels great to purchase something Parisian in style.


Winning lotteries at the shopping centres in Dubai is the thing that drives numerous shoppers to embark an excursion here. Indeed, the lotteries are unquestionably worth an attempt. So what are you waiting for? Kickstart your outing by visiting the Dubai Mall. It is said to be the biggest shopping centre on the planet. Look at the Mall of the Emirates for its indoor ski resort and splurge at the yearly Dubai Shopping Festival as most shopping arcades have something one a kind to offer during this time. Appealing discounts on electronics, perfumes, garment, shoes, and bags can be a noteworthy deal when you are in Dubai. Also, if your girl is a jewellery lover, so don’t forget to buy high-quality gold and diamonds from there.


Being the national capital of the country, Delhi boasts of numerous extravagant shopping centres, which cater to the tourists along with the residents of the state. The place guarantees that travellers return home with double the baggage they accompanied. The metropolis unquestionably overlooks the high design and you can notice that an ordinary Delhi outfit will incorporate something apt according to the trend. Furthermore, if you are planning to purchase some traditional things that speak the way of life in the city, then street shopping is perfect for you. The lanes here are loaded up with Bohemian touch, which is housed with great options for designer clothing, food, fun, and night-outs. No wonder, the city is considered ideal for couples who have the money to splurge and want to enjoy their day to the core. 

Hong Kong 

A centre point for corporate fashion that is exhibited in the city by the à la mode office-goers, Hong Kong has a reasonable sprinkling of bespoke shopping alternatives. Some nearby brands at the exciting boutiques can likewise demonstrate to be enough for the travellers. On the rundown of recommendations is the Fang Fong Projects store in Central stocks, which is a locally delivered brand. Apart from the top of the line shopping centres, you should likewise check out the hustle-bustle of the street markets and also visit the Temple Street Night market. All you have to do is go ahead, bargain and bring back souvenirs for your loved ones from your exciting getaway. The city has an amazing array of goodies for all.  

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