Pets on the Go


1.  Growing Community of Pet Lovers

For first time in the history of Indian films, a megastar was the voice behind a dog. The dog wasn’t just vacationing with the family, the entire film was narrated from his perspective. The film was a hit. Do you still have a doubt that India has a love affair with pets? We did some number crunching for you. The number of pet dogs has increased from 7 million in 2007 to 14 million in 2014.

Anupama from Furryflyers, a leading pet relocation company, says, “Earlier, people kept pets for utility. We had guard dogs and most pets were kept outdoors. Nowadays, people in urban regions live in apartments and smaller homes. Pets are like children and we are very attached to them. They are stress busters and we love spending quality time with them. I believe the pet ownership trend has increased by 25-30 per cent in last five years.”

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