Sandy Getaway

Sandy Getaway

Mykonos, Greece

People head to this picturesque island for a relaxing and sun-soaked holiday, but just as many tourists go there for its (in)famous party scene. With more clubs and bars in the vicinity than resorts, Mykonos offers everything from real nightclub experiences to beach bar escapades. Don’t miss out on Paradise Club and Paradise Beach as these properties host the biggest names from the international DJ circuit. With more than 20 beaches on the island, you could head there for a nice tan after a heavy partying session.

Koh Phangan, Thailand

If you happen to go there, then be prepared for sleepless nights, as this island is famous for its exhilarating full moon parties. Imagine a kilometre of beach lined with 40,000 people with everyone covered in neon paint, wearing ridiculous headbands and pumped up to have the best night of their lives — that is Koh Phangan for you. And that’s not all. We’ve heard that the afterparties are the perfect place to bring out your hedonist side.

Rabac, Croatia

This once a year party is a haven for progressive trance lovers. Music aficionados from across the world gather in the beach town of Rabac to get on with the serious business of non-stop partying and enjoying the Rabac Summer Festival and Sunrise Festival. Rabac is also blessed with a string of pebbly beaches, tiny coves, small bays, crystal-clear, clean and translucent sea water and lush Mediterranean vegetation.

Uepi Island, Solomon Islands

An island covered in rainforest, flanked by a fringing reef and sandy beach, surrounded with the warm waters of the lagoon on one side and the oceanic depths enticing you to another world of colourful creatures — dive sites here vary from coral gardens with magnificent drop-offs to ledges and gutters featuring an enormous diversity of reef fish, turtles, mantas and eagle rays.

Lord Howe Island, Australia

Declared as a world heritage site in 1982, the LSI is at the southernmost coral reef in the world. More than 490 tropical and temperate species mix and mingle in the pristine clear waters of the islands. And because only a limited number of guests are allowed on Australia’s Lord Howe Island at one time, you can witness the spectacle in what feels like total isolation.

Isla Ensenada, Panama

The village located on a small island off the coast of Panama in the Pacific Ocean boasts of warm, water waves — which is the perfect combination for every surfer. Head to Surfer Paradise Surf camp, which nestles the accommodation — private cabanas located on the side of a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The island is enclosed by left breaks and right breaks making it an exhilarating experience for each surfer.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

After the popular surfing film — The Endless Summer 2 — showcased Tamarindo’s goods, tourists were tripping over themselves trying to get to this Central American hotspot. Now developed into a full-fledged resort, Tamarindo has still not lost its edge as an exclusive surfing spot. Spots like Little Hawaii and Witch’s Rock are among the most legendary, thanks to aggressive swells and almost perfect weather. Longboarders and shortboarders alike are welcome here, as the river mouth opens to a world of waves accommodating both styles.

Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

With the fringing reefs off Roatan only a 300-yard swim from the shore, many of the island’s resorts offer 24/7 diving on reefs just a few fin kicks from their docks. It’s a leisurely swim to Prince Albert, a 140-foot-long island freighter located in CoCo View Resort’s “Front Yard” on Roatan’s south-central coast. Just east of the Bay Islands Beach Resort is Spooky Channel, a huge and otherworldly tunnel in the reef that begins off Sunnyside pier and bottoms out at about 95 feet. Anthony’s Key Resort’s house reef is packed with blue tangs, parrotfish, angelfish and damselfish.


With outstanding reefs close to shore and a conservation-minded marine park authority, it’s no surprise to find Curaçao on this list. Nestled in the enchanting beauty of the Caribbean, the island offers shore divers numerous beach-accessible sites from its southwestern coast. A shallow shelf leads to Oswaldo’s Drop-off, only a few minutes swim from the shore. Piles of varied corals make it an interesting dive and the site is jammed with blue Chromis, yellowtail snappers and sergeant majors. Divers find easy entries and exits at Janthiel Baai. The drop-off is similar to other sites of the island with lots of star coral, gorgonians, sponges and wire coral.

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