Suite Life

Suite Life

Staycations have become a much-needed necessity in today’s time. While we all need a break from the mundane routine, sometimes a holiday can get pretty hectic in itself. So, if you’re looking for pure relaxation without the hassle of travelling to a land far, far away, we think The Resort is going to be your one-stop solution.


Nicely tucked in Madh-Marve, The Resort is a lavish property with an extravagant view, which is nothing short of a fancy painting. The exquisite gardens, swanky restaurants, and an ultra-luxe spa are all designed to give you a breathtaking experience. Coming to the rooms, The Resort offers duplex villas and deluxe rooms overlooking the gorgeous beach, definitely a beautiful sight from the top to stop and stare. The rooms have affable aesthetics with a perfect blend of modern facilities and conventional richness with welcoming staff.

A delightful backdrop and a scenic view, you get your own private access to the beach, which is every bit of a royal experience in its own. If you are not a water baby, you can enjoy inside as The Resort offers a host of different attractions such as rock climbing, rappelling, air rifle shooting, archery, commando bridge, swing crossing, horizontal ladder, and many more. All these activities are conducted by experts; thus, you need not worry about the risk factor.

After a long day of exploring the beach and indulging in various activities, you can rejuvenate at The Resort’s verdant Aristo Spa. Spread over a sprawling area, Aristo Spa provides a blissful leisure area with facilities that will redefine the meaning of wellness and indulgence for you. Trust us, one-hour of full body aroma massage and not only will you feel relaxed, but a completely different and revitalised person.

If gluttony is a sin you often commit, then The Resort is a place where you can meet your Satanic best. Known for its gastronomic food offerings and cuisine choices, all the restaurants offer an enhanced dining experience, featuring a chic setting and locally inspired menu. The decor is bright and sophisticated, and some recent new additions include a separate beautiful buffet area. It is a haven for gourmets with its fine dining
restaurants, an eclectic delicacy spread, candle-light dinners, a 24-hour coffee shop with a breathtaking view of the sea, the best of wine and
cocktails and sumptuous snacks by the poolside.

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