Tale Of Temple On Pyre

Tale Of Temple On Pyre

The Journey
I have hardly done road trips. I am not the kind who would do a 1000km trip or 5km trek or anything which involves a lot of work. Basically, I’m a lethargic ass when it comes to doing something. Tell me to sleep for 20 hours and I would do it with the utmost ease. But when you are living miles away from your family and haven’t visited your folks for more than a year, you better make a move or else you are just abandoned. And my parents have this weird thinking that goes to another level when I don’t talk to them for a week (we will talk about it later though.). So yeah, I decided to go to Patna and then to Darbhanga for a week and spend time with my family before they disown me for good. 

I started at around 5 in the morning in the Chevrolet Cruze LTZ. And believe me, I had touched the plains of Banaras by 3 pm. And then reached Patna by 8 as the roads in Bihar deterred my intention to reach before the Sunsets. There was nothing in the whole 1054km journey that could halt us apart from the stray dogs who had died due to the speeding cars on the newly-built Agra-Lucknow Expressway. But that too was taken care of by Cruze’s smooth handling and awesome brakes.
Next Morning (and the temple visit)
So, the next morning we started form Patna and parked in Darbhanga in just about 3 hours. After a bashing from my parents about my look, we got ready for the temple visit in the evening. My reason for the visit was the bhang-induced lassi we used to have as kids. But this time, I got to know about the temple’s history and why it is a famous spot for the locals.

So the story goes like this. The Maharaja of Darbhanga and the royal family were all cremated at the spot where the group of 16 temples exist today. The Most important of them all is the Shyama Mandir, which was raised on the pyre of Maharaja Rameshwar Singh in 1933 by his son and the last Maharaja, Kameshwar Singh. And that’s not the only freakish part about the temple. There is a place in the southern part of the temple where there is a constant feeling of heat (as if it is coming from the pyre) even during winter. The phenomenon is just amazing as I felt the heat at the same spot every time I did a pradakshina. There is no explanation for it and this where I think that some things are best left unexplained.

My ride
The Chevrolet Cruze LTZ was the perfect partner for this drive. With the expressways and National Highways in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh as good as any other road in the country, there were hardly any need to hit the brakes. And in about 4 full tanks I was able to do a 2700km return drive. On an open road, even the best of monsters were left behind by my beast. Cruze... doesn’t the name say it all. 

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