Whole New World

Whole New World

It is always an exciting time when we put together our list of destinations for you. Honouring our theme of fashion this time, we are ecstatic to curate locations that incredibly meld together the great world of style and modern culture, with a pinch of historical value. But hold on, if you think we are going to talk about premier destinations like Paris, New York, London and Milan, well, then put that thought to rest. In the reign of 2020, there are some amazing contenders that are all set to rival these aforementioned cities in terms of fashion hot spots. It is fascinating to witness how in some of the most unexpected places, some of the world’s most interesting designers are creating incredible collections worthy of travelling to. So, if you are a fashion enthusiast and love to follow the latest trends, then this is the right place to get major travel inspiration with purpose, as these new global fashion capitals are here to broaden your horizon.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Right now, a massive fashion revolution is happening in Copenhagen. Long known for its matchless sense of design and rich heritage of food culture, the city is now on the rise as a fashion destination, that is capitalising on sustainability. This started with the city’s plan to become a carbon-neutral city by 2025. Copenhagen Fashion Week has become one of the most talked-about events in the world of fashion, due to its chic Scandinavian style. Statement coats, party dresses and eccentric prints, along with puffed sleeves, fun textiles like satin and corduroy, and surprising colours are the style norm for this vibrant city. For the Spring/Summer 2020 show, some stylish Copenhagen-based brands such as Ganni offered a classic collection, spun out of recycled pieces from past seasons. The young designer label Stand is known for colour block statements and is offering clothing made from pineapple leaves for the Spring/Summer 2020. The news is that some fashion editors predict that Copenhagen is the biggest up-and-coming emerging market, due to a number of cool labels from this city popping up in stores globally. The inspired indifferent tones, ultra-constructed shapes and hot new styles to know are quite clearly grasping the world, and compelling them to come back for more. 

Marrakech, Morocco

For decades this place has been attracting fashion designers who find inspiration in anything, big or small. At the beginning of the 60s, designer Yves Saint Laurent had a home here, where he designed many of his flowy silhouettes, kaftans and gowns that share the same sensual colour palettes of Morocco’s famous spice market. But now, more than ever before, this hot spot is once again becoming a thriving fashion designation, pulling some of the biggest names as Morocco begins a race to make its market in the fashion industry. Tourism to this place is rising, which can be the reason for a newfound interest in Morrocan culture in fashion as well as the boom of its industry in textiles. Paying homage to Marrakech, many brands staged some blowout runway shows, with fabrics, silhouettes and pillows for guests to sit on, everything inspired by the culture itself. This beautiful tribute reminds us why Marrakech is indeed a wealth of fashion inspiration and industry, with busy markets, surreal sunsets and constant streams of vibrant hues.  

Mexico City, Mexico

Sometimes, this city can feel like a distinct overload with its colours, sounds, pattern and history, and these are some of the exact same things that have contributed to this city’s growth as a new fashion hotspot and a growing luxury market. Some surveys say that Mexico is becoming the largest most fastest-growing leisure market in Latin America. Frida Kahlo, a native of Mexico City, too, has been remembered as a style icon and is now strongly linked with the destination. With floral headbands, chandelier earrings, Rebozo scarves and Tehuana style dresses, everything acted as an apparent shield for the pain she suffered her entire life. Some of the world’s top designers are also paying tribute to the country’s traditional trims and folk art in the form of their own fashion collections. So, as the city is becoming a synonym for grandeur, it’s legendary fashion has started to get a justified spotlight.      

Athens, Greece

A little after 10 years of following Greece’s financial crisis, Athens rose from the ashes and reinvented itself as a revived tourist destination with a powerful emphasis on art, culture and fashion. This place is witnessing an influx of new and trendy stores, with various Greek jewellers who use traditional craftsmanship are gaining recognition. During the crisis, Greek jewellers such as Ileana Makri or Maggoosh put more emphasis on premier capitals like New York or Paris, but being back in Athens, and making a statement by collaborating with some local designers like Ancient Greek Sandals is now becoming a trend. Today, the ancient Byzantine designs of adorned crosses or chunky ancient coins never felt more modern. As a location, Athens provides the perfect setting for fashion: with the beach just a drive away, extensive roots in inspiring history, and a number of chic hotels. This place combines just the right amount of old-world craftsmanship with modern era aesthetics. 

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