Girl Next Door

We heard that you recently moved to India from the UK. How has the experience been? Well, it has been five years already and while a number of things bug me about Delhi – the maddening traffic, the weather and the water – it’s also been the most exciting time of my life. That’s probably because of your love for Indian fabrics… I know what you guys are hinting at. I was initially excited about joining my family’s garment business and expand it further, but then I started getting some really good modeling assignments and that changed things for me. And yet you weren’t interested in participating for Miss India.  I was approached a couple of times to participate in the contest, but I’m very uncomfortable with the concept of people judging me. Apart from modeling, if you were asked to choose an alternate career path, what would it be? You know while I don’t plan for the future and take life as it comes, I would love to be part of a funny, frothy sitcom.  I’d love to be a part of Rules of Engagement or Friends. So let’s suppose they re-launched Friends with a whole new star-cast, which girl do you see yourself playing? Monica, most definitely! I can be quite neurotic and am a ‘neat freak’. I can never go to sleep knowing that there’s a used coffee cup lying on the table, waiting to be rinsed. And what about the dudes in Friends? Who would you go out with? None of them. Ross is way too geeky, Chandler is a little too weird for my taste and Joey, well he’s definitely the best looking of the three, but is unbelievably dumb and a womaniser to boot. So even if I can turn him into a one-woman man, I can’t make him smart.

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