These Things Did Happen..

Mystery Giant Eyeballs When a mystery giant eyeball was discovered on a Florida beach recently, everyone thought that it could be of an alien. Infact, the man who saw it first, Gino Cavacci, said that the eyeball was still bleeding when he put it in a plastic bag. However, after a couple of days of investigation, it was revealed that the eyeball was that of a massively sized swordfish. Passenger who missed a meeting compensated by airline While the amount that he was paid, Rs. 14500, is not huge, but it certainly gives hope to millions of consumers who suffer financial losses due to delayed flights. Recently, a South Mumbai District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum asked Go Air to pay this sum to a Mumbai resident, SK Tapuriah, who was flying to Chandigarh for a meeting, but missed it after his flight landed in Delhi instead due to poor visibility. When Tapuriah asked the airline for a cab to Chandigarh, the airline declined the offer, and just offered R ` 1,000 as compensation. Tapuriah had to then book a cab for `4,500. When he retuned to Mumbai, he sent legal notices to the airline for a refund. Since Go Air didn’t respond favourably, he filed a suit. Consumption of noodles responsible for rapes: Khap That’s the nuttiest piece of news we have come across in a while. A Khap Panchayat in Haryana has held chowmein responsible for the growing number of rapes and correlated it with hormonal imbalance. Infact, the leader of the Thua Khap Panchayat in Jind district, Jitender Chhatar, even went on record saying that the spices used in fast food “evoke an urge to indulge in such acts”. That’s not all. Another Khap Panchayat said that the legal age of marriage for girls should be brought down from 18 to 16 because young girls are vulnerable to rapes and hence, they should be married off as early as possible. Indian railway finally has an anti-collision technology The technology was successfully tested between Navandgi and Mantatti stations in Ranga Reddy district on October 16. The technology is based on a combination of GPS and Radio frequencies and automatically applies breaks if it spots another engine moving on the same track. Humankind’s first supersonic freefall a success In New Mexico last month, Austrian pilot Felix Baumgartner, in a first of its kind world record attempt, broke the sound barrier by jumping from a balloon that was floating nearly 37 kilometres above the earth. The 43-year-old managed a free-fall at the speed of 1,137 kilometers per hour, faster than the speed of sound, wearing a high tech suit. 10,000 phones are being tapped in India legally That’s what we read in fresh media reports last month, which said that over 4,500 phones were intercepted in August in addition to another 5,000 that were already being tapped at the discretion of several intelligence and law-enforcing agencies. This apart, 1,200 email addresses were also being intercepted under the Indian Telegraph Act. If everything goes right, 559 more emails will be added to this list. While Intelligence Bureau taps the most number of phones – 6,000, Delhi Police kept track of 738 phones in August. The intelligence wing of Indian Army is following over 1,100 phones while the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence has requested for permission to tag 350 more phones in addition to the 160 phones that it’s already tracing. Man refrigerated his son’s corpses A Chinese man, Xueming Tian, put his son’s corpse in a freezer for six years because he didn’t want to part with him. He also said that whenever they felt like talking to his son, Tian and his wife would put a chair next to the refrigerator, open it and talk to him. The kid died of leukemia and the parents plan to bury their son only when they are sure that they will no longer be able to take care of the body.      

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