Monkey Buffet Festival

Before you call any animal protection organisation, let me just tell you that Monkey Buffet Festival doesn’t really engage people eating monkeys, but rather masses watching monkeys eat a buffet. This wacky and weird festival takes place every November in Lopburi, Thailand.


1 India has a long ritual of worshipping Lord Hanuman. But India is not alone where these disobedient animals are offered special privileges. Whether, you believe it or not, there is a festival devoted for monkeys. ‘The Monkey Buffet Festival,’ is celebrated on a yearly basis in the city of Lopburi, Thailand.


2 The reason the macaques get to relish a mouth-watering feast is that the people of the town have faith that these monkeys bring good luck and wealth. They are fed and treated as the real VIPs’ of the event in the one-day celebration, which is, in fact, a tradition and also tourist magnetism.


3 Perhaps, you might ask why, of all the animals in Thailand to honour with a gala, why only monkeys? Fascinatingly, this is because of the ancient myths that tells the story of Hanuman, who is conceived to rescue Sita from Ravana (a ten-headed demon).


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