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Ano Tai, a one-stop destination for those who are in love with Seafood and Chinese gastronomies and love to indulge in every bit of it. The luxurious interior is decked up with a well-stocked bar that takes you to a real world of luxury China at Jaypee Vasant Continental.


Chinese cuisine plays an essential role in Chinese culture. With the more or fewer modifications, Chinese cuisine has influenced many other cuisines in Asia. ANO-TAI seems to cater that legacy with a little yet sumptuous twist of sea-food. Let’s take for instance their Prawn Crackers, it is a shrimp chip made with the flavour of fresh Prawns. Every bite of it consists of munch of yummy and prawny crunch.

The Chinese cuisine theme continues in their dish Honey Ginger Prawns. If you are a seafood lover then with the name you can savour the flavour but it is much more than you think. Other than ginger and honey, the dish contains the flavours of soya sauce, chili sauce and Chinese vinegar which results in a delectable dish. Again Mix Vegetable Shumai had given the smooth taste of fresh vegetables stuffed in all-purpose flour. Shumai is basically a steamed dumpling and can be made with stuffing such as chicken and prawn.



In the middle of the appetizers, they present Tequila Sunrise drink which was made up with the explosion of orange juice, soda, grenadine syrup and served unmixed in a tall hourglass-shaped glass. But I personally felt that its main ingredient was tequila but the drink was so light and sweet, that the bitterness of tequila was missing. Then I tried my hands on the fish which had an authentic taste of black paper. The fish was simply one of the big time best picks in starters.

Just after the fish, they served me Black Fungus tossed with baby corn, broccoli, and garlic. The sumptuousness of the dish was its light salty taste which one relishes in their regular food. But just after the regular taste, I had a Golden Fried Chicken with chef’s special sauce. Chef’s special sauce and spices are still a mystery to me.


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