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Experience the deadly combo of sumptuousness and luxury

Splendid food in the contemporary and comfortable ambience is a deadly combo that only BED lounge can serve up.


 BED stands for Beverages Entertainment and Dance. The lounge has nothing less than great to offer to all the age patrons. I am thrilled with the wonderful twists in the food that the lounge offers. From interior to food to drinks, each bite of the food and sip of a drink will leave you scintillating. BED is quite well known for its Italian and European cuisine. So, if you are a lover of some amazingly mouth-watering Italian dishes, then this lounge should be on your wishlist.


As a window viewer, I took the table near the window. But this window view was different from my past experiences. Truly, their window coroners are as beautiful as their inner interior. I started my food journey with Cream Caramelised Mushroom Bread and it was so delectable that every time I imagine it, my mouth gets filled with water. Crunchy bread along with a sweet and salty taste of mushrooms was such a great blend together that I ordered the same dish again.



While I was savouring the last mushroom bread, they brought other dynamic Prawns with Garlic Bread dish. It was made up of jalapenos, onions, mushrooms and prawns fried in olive oil. It was made in such a manner that you are left speechless. Everytime you visit this lounge, prawns and garlic bread is a must order dish. Even the garlic bread complimented the dish perfectly.


Next came the Mulled Wine. It is the best drink to have after any meal, especially in the winter season. The wine was mildly hot and involves few spices. It was way amazing than anyone can even imagine. I would recommend mulled wine of BED lounge to all the wine lovers. A true wine lover will surely relish it after savouring this drink.



I asked them to bring other dishes after sometime as I wanted to have a chit-chat session with the chef and know few hidden recipes of such yummy food.Chef Arun is the head chef of the BED lounge. During our conversation, I asked him about his secret of making these amazing dishes within such short time span. He simply said “I enjoy cooking and I feel thrilled when people call me to appreciate my food. This motivates me to cook more different stuff.”


At last, they served me Minestrone Soup, cooked with fresh and crusty vegetables which added up zest and zing to the meal. Simply the food at BED lounge is iconic and different from the other places and is a perfect match with the drinks. Opened from noon till midnight, BED lounge is worth to spend some memorable time with your friends and family. You must visit this lounge and thank me later.