Revealing The Skeletons

Revealing The Skeletons

Watchmaking has never been just about telling time. The entire process of crafting a watch involves a level of design prowess and mechanical ingenuity that truly distinguishes each piece from the thousands of others that litter the market. It is this uniqueness that gives the watch its value and attracts enthusiasts to them like moths to a very well designed flame. Watchmakers understand this about their customers, and in some cases even love showing off their fine artistry through one-of-a-kind timepieces that are bold enough to bare it all.

We are, of course, talking about skeleton watches. These watches are named after their open-face design, which features see-through cases that house elaborate and beautiful timing mechanisms. This aesthetic voyeurism is enough to keep these designs interesting and in-demand amongst watch lovers, and we are looking at some examples that represent this style to the fullest. 

Bulova 96A170
This watch ditches the traditional dress watch construction for a modern sporty style that features an all stainless steel body, even in the case of the strap. The body features a brushed silver look, with the only contrast being provided by the all-black dial that is wrapped around the see-through section. The transparent portions are protected by mineral crystal glasses, which are independent of the glass used, which measures to around 43mm. Even though the design may not be as high-end as some other models, it is still satisfactory for a starting price of around ₹20,000, with room for more discounts.

Stührling 371.01 Legacy
The design of this watch is an exercise in contrasts. The mechanism is hidden behind a sturdy Krysterna crystal glass, which is featured on both the front and the back to offer a complete view. The design is dominated by four different windows that highlight different parts of the 22 jewel mechanism. The body and the dial feature a smooth silver colour scheme, while the watch hands and time indicators are done in a striking blue to provide a lovely contrast. The use of blue is limited enough that it doesn’t clash with the rich and dark colour of the leather strap. At a discounted price of around ₹28,500, this is quite a bit of watch for such an affordable price.

Invicta Russian Diver
Sport is a recurring theme in watch designs, and this piece from Invicta invokes the spirit of streamlined swimming with its highly polished skeleton looks that are dedicated to professional divers. The watch in itself is a big one, with the stainless steel case measuring around 51.5mm. The case is complemented by a synthetic sapphire crystal glass. The black polyurethane strap is highly durable and easy to maintain, while the crown features its own screw-down cap for extra protection. The watch sticks to a mechanical hand-wind movement with an analogue only display. For a starting price of around ₹22,000, this is not a bad compromise to make, especially considering the unique design.

Fossil ME3041 Townsman
This watch from Fossil takes a very different approach to its design, as it utilises a very simple look, while also leaning hard into the see-through aspect of it. The body is made up of a 44mm stainless steel casing that features mineral crystal glass on both sides. The dials have been left mostly empty, with huge gaps between the handful of Roman numerals used to represent the hours. The rose pink tone of the hands is the only deviation from the colour scheme, and the watch pulls off the contrast beautifully. The watch relies on a 20 jewel movement that is powered by the motion of your wrist. This is not a bad deal for a watch that barely costs ₹8,500 and is compatible with all 22mm straps offered by the company.

Seiko SSA231K1 Automatic Watch
This offering from the Japanese brand features an almost overly simplistic design that shrinks the skeleton part to a small circle on the face of the watch. In fact, almost half of the circle is obscured by another circle that features the hours of the day. The rest of the 41mm face is dominated by a simple yet elegant design that features a plain white look with large Roman numerals. The glass is made up of anti-reflective and scratch-resistant hardlex crystal, that gives a clean if the limited view of the mechanical automatic movement. All in all, it is a great offering for an affordable price of around ₹15,000.

Charles-Hubert, Paris 3887-A
The 3887-A is a beautifully designed watch that features a 49mm face set with glass made from hardened mineral crystal. The rest of the body is made from stainless steel, while the straps get an option of either high-grade alligator leather or premium calfskin. The beauty aspect comes in the form of the skeleton design which showcases dozens of golden coloured parts working together to maintain the automatic self-winding mechanical movement, which is represented by blue coloured hands. The infusion of blue creates a great contrast to the overall look, which is already amazing for a watch that costs just around ₹13,000.

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