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This one is for the music lovers as one can download up to 500 songs, connect with Bluetooth headphones (sold separately) and enjoy the music. This smartwatch can also sync music from some of the streaming services. It comes with features such as advanced running dynamics. You can also keep a track of your heart rate and also evaluate training status. Its battery lasts up to seven days on the smartwatch mode and five hours in GPS mode.


Moto 360 is one for those who have their world in their mobile phones. You can read your emails and text messages. This watch also lets you reply to people on Whatsapp. And while you are stuck in traffic, it not only tells you about traffic snarls real time but also lets you read the latest news headline with just a glance. With Android Wear software, you can avail Google services on this watch too.


This sporty smartwatch with a clean look is for runners. It has a heart rate tracking system, GPS display and activity tracker. The waterproof and sweatproof watch can help you play music on your phone. The watch also displays notifications and alarm can be set on it. The battery lasts for a day. The watch is compatible with both iOs and Android. The watch also comes powered with Wear OS by Google that allows the users to pay directly from the watch by just using Google Play.


The Huawei Watch 2, yes that’s the name of the product, gives its users some good connectivity options. Working on Android Wear 2.0, which has now been renamed Wear OS, it has a sporty look and is available in various colour variants. The dial might be smaller, but it has a good display. But, despite its best effort, this smartwatch falls short in many departments, especially if we compare it with its competitors.


This smartwatch with a tongue twister for a name is powered by the latest version of Wear OS by Google. This means it gives access to the entire Google Play ecosystem available to wearables. The features are everything that you would want your smartwatch to have, such as heart rate monitor, step counter and GPS. The good news is that its battery lasts up to 48 hours, even if it’s in a constant active mode on a single charge.


Fossil is known for its watches and so its smartwatch has tried every trick in the book to make it impressive. It can track your heart rate as well as receive notifications as you go on to customise your dial. Powered with Wear OS by Google, it is compatible with both iOs and Android systems. Fossil Q FTW4016 Explorist Smartwatch has a clean look and clear display.

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